Sample Auspice Agreement

April 12, 2021

Arts Law publishes a unique performance partnership act that can be used when a group of performers wants to create a partnership to bring a unique show/project/performance into the world. Each user relationship will be different and there may be additional issues to be included in each individual agreement to take into account the particular circumstances of the group and the project to be carried out; the requirements of the Auspicing Body, which acts as Auspicor; and the requirements of the funding agency and the terms of the funding agreement. Apart from the agreement with the Auspicing Body, a formal agreement between the members of the group, which clarifies the rights and obligations of the members, has an advantage. Arts Law publishes an example of an agreement on the implementation of the auspice arrangement, which contains the most common terms that the group and the body of auspicing must take into account when obtaining an agreement to implement a team relationship. The Arts Law-Auspice example agreement cooperates with all members of the group as parties to the agreement with Auspicing Body, and the agreement recognizes that all intellectual property rights, including copyright, created by the Group or held by the Group are owned by the Group. The activity as an entity can also have the unintended consequence that members are considered a partnership. A partnership is a relationship between individuals who jointly manage a joint venture or a joint venture for profit that, as a rule, have an element of continuity or repetition of activities. While a single project may not be sufficient to create a partnership, a partnership can be created through the conduct and result of an oral or written agreement for the formation of a partnership. One of the possible consequences of the investigation is that the partners are jointly responsible for the debts incurred by each partner during the implementation of the joint venture. The control centre must monitor and record expenses and grant an acquittal to the funding centre.

The term “acquittal” is used to describe the process of evaluating and coordinating financial reports and progress reports expected by the funding agency at the end of the project. Most funding agencies that provide grants and other forms of financial support for arts projects require an acquittal report to ensure that the group meets its obligations under the funding agreement. The Auspicing Body`s main obligation is to respect the terms of the funding agreement with the funding agency.