Erasmus Learning Agreement Beispiel

April 9, 2021

The apprenticeship agreement includes all the learning skills sought for a stay abroad. Completing the apprenticeship agreement is demanding. A lot of information is needed. But this document is important for the success of your semester abroad and the continuation of your studies at the university of origin. You can read below how to fill out the document correctly. In the case of a stay abroad for internship purposes, the apprenticeship agreement defines the terms of recognition of the internship, depending on whether it is counted in terms of the completion of the student, whether it is a voluntary internship (non-compulsory) or whether it is carried out immediately after the end of higher education (see guidelines below). Even if this paper work is boring, it has good reasons. The three parties to the apprenticeship agreement agree to abide by all agreements reached to ensure that studies/internships abroad are recognized without any other requirements. Completing the learning agreement can cause headaches. But the document is important to realize the dream of studying abroad. You`ll find help here. In the case of a stay abroad for study purposes, the apprenticeship agreement defines the components of education that will be replaced by the student`s certificate of completion if the program of study is successfully conducted abroad (see guidelines below).

The purpose of the apprenticeship agreement is to prepare exchanges in a transparent and effective manner to ensure recognition of learning abroad. Students, the institution or the sending company and the host institution will conclude a “learning agreement” on the study/internship program to be carried out abroad before the start of the exchange.