Cooperation Agreement Nz

April 9, 2021

Under the agreement, the Greens must support the government`s line in decisions in their portfolios, but they are also free to take a different position from that of the Labour Party. 22. If a broad participation in the development of a political initiative has taken place and this participation has resulted in an agreed position, both sides should publicly support the process and the outcome of that agreement. This does not prevent the parties from noting that the agreed position differs from their stated policy. 18. The parties undertake to hold a political consultation between the relevant minister and the appropriate spokesperson on the areas of cooperation covered in this agreement or other issues, as agreed. This process will also apply to the Greens` ministerial portfolios. “Between this agreement and our current parliamentary majority, we will not be discouraged from working to rebuild our economy and continue to protect New Zealand from Kovid-19. 3. The Greens agree to support the Labour government by not opposing votes on matters of confidence and supply for the entire mandate of this Parliament.

In addition, the Greens will support the Labour government with regard to procedural motions in Parliament and in committees under the terms set out in this agreement. This will allow New Zealanders to ensure that a strong and stable Labour government is supported by the Greens over the next three years. The Labour Party won the Parliamentary elections in October by a total majority, which meant they could govern on their own. But Ardern called on the Greens to reach a “cooperation agreement” that would allow the government to benefit from the expertise of members of the Green Party in areas such as the environment, climate change and child welfare. 16. Labour parties and the Greens will cooperate in good faith and cooperate in executive and parliamentary activities to advance these common objectives, including all public statements. The Prime Minister`s expectations of ministers will reflect the areas of political cooperation and consultation needed. 2.

This agreement builds on the constructive and lasting working relationship between the two parties. This is done by establishing agreements between the Labour and Green parliamentary parties with regard to ministerial portfolios and areas of political cooperation defined in this agreement. Jacinda Ardern and MP Kelvin Davis, as well as Greens co-chairs James Shaw and Marama Davidson, have signed a cooperation agreement that grants green ministerial positions outside the cabinet. Davidson said there was also another mechanism that will help the Greens publicly identify points of disagreement, including in their portfolios. 23. The Labour parties and the Greens will cooperate with mutual respect in the areas mentioned in this agreement. Cooperation will include joint announcements in the areas of political cooperation. 5. The Labour government, for its part, is committed to cooperating constructively with the Greens in order to advance the political objectives set out in this agreement, in addition to the political programme of the Labour Party. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has agreed with the Greens on a “cooperation agreement” in power, which offers two ministries and agreed on a handful of common political priorities for their second term – an offer they adopted late on Saturday.